Easily remove the background from your photos

July 25, 2013

Clipping Magic

Easily remove the background from your photos.

sample photo - remove photo background

It is really this easy to remove the background from a photo.

  1. Upload image
  2. Mark image
  3. Download result

It is really that easy to remove the background from any photo. For a long time this procedure has required the purchase of expensive software. Now you can do it online, with a few clicks, for free!

Give it a try today. I think you will be just as impressed as we were.


MaskMe guards your privacy like a vigilant angel

July 22, 2013

In a world that values data mining over privacy protections, the new MaskMe tool restores your ability to use the Internet without compromising your identity. Read this article by Seth Rosenblatt on CNET News.

Hector Ariceaga‘s insight:

One more tool for the privacy conscious.

See on news.cnet.com See on pdxtech-info

Big List of FREE Keyword Tools – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine

July 19, 2013

For websites that are interested in improving their SEO or advertising on paid search, there is one absolutely crucial thing that they’re going to need to make their efforts a success. If you haven’t guessed what that one thing is, yet (or…

Hector Ariceaga‘s insight:

Free Tools are Always Welcome!

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5 Things Your Customers Should Know About Title Insurance | Real Estate Business Resources, Inc. | REBR

July 19, 2013

As a real estate professional, you’ve likely been asked by home buyers: “What exactly is title insurance?” For some buyers, especially those purchasing

Hector Ariceaga‘s insight:

Everytime a consumer buy, sell or refinances real estate, he is likely to be required to obtain mortgage insurance. Here are some useful points about it.

See on rebr.com – Tech Info for Real Estate

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