How to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7

We reveal how to water down or ignore some of Windows 8’s more controversial features and restore functionality you thought had vanished.

Hector Ariceaga‘s insight:

We keep getting asked “where is the Start Menu??!!”

As Win8 becomes the default on new PCs, many people just wish they could load the familiar Desktop along with the accompanying Start Menu.

There are other applications that help you accomplish this. However, Skip Metro Suite is the only one (that I am aware of) that helps you do both all in one place.

Look for the grey Download button towards the bottom of their page ( It can have lots of other confusing download buttons. Ignore them.

Step by step instalation  instructions from

The program is free. However, satisfied users are encourage to make donations. If you donate, best do it through a single paypal transaction. No need to offer up more info than necessary.

Give it a try.

See on via: pdxtech-info

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