Call Forwarding in iPhone Simplified (Conditional) | iOS Tips & Tricks

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Conditional Call Forwarding in iPhone Simplified

Hector Ariceaga‘s insight:

Activating Call Forwarding is easy just you need to know the simple conditional call code.


1. Condition: There is three type of Condition as mentioned above, codes are here-

if Not Answered – 61
if Not Reachable – 62
if Busy – 67

2. Service Code: In case you have a signal problem in your apartment and use google voice account to receive calls through the internet(on the same phone) while the network signal is low.
In that case you need to forward only the voice calls and not the data calls.
There is three type of service which need/can to be forward select which you want.

Voice – 11
Data – 25
Fax – 13

3. Seconds: Call ring seconds before forwarding can be defined any. The default seconds is 20. It usable only with unanswered condition. You can change it any time just dialing the code again.

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