8 Tips for Building Your Brand on a Budget

September 10, 2012

New and small businesses have the critical mission of building their brand. Generally, they don’t have a big budget. This article covers eight great strategies to help build your brand without breaking the bank.

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6 Basic Tech Skills Anyone Should Have (Even If You’re Not a Geek)

September 10, 2012

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Let’s face it: in today’s world, technology is no longer just for geeks. While some people may take pleasure in hacking into their Android device or using a rare Linux build, most of us are just normal users, who simply want to get along. These are six simple skills that anyone can acquire and make their computing experience safer and more enjoyable.

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Google Acquires Security Service VirusTotal

September 10, 2012

Google has acquired free malware scanner VirusTotal for an undisclosed sum. The site runs submitted files through 44 different malware scanners and reports new findings to anti-virus software companies.

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