Tech-Talk Show on Public Access TV –

Hector Ariceaga and Amanda Cox were invited to film an hour of TV for Tualatin Valley Community TV a couple of weeks ago. We were very excited to give it a try and we are very happy to say, it turned-out pretty good.  

Tech-Talk Episode 1 - Stage

Our first show covered several topics ranging from Social Media, to Anti-Virus Software, to some Cloud Storage applications. The material is fairly basic but we are receiving positive feedback from viewers, some of which have tech backgrounds. If you are interested, and receive your TV programming via cable in the Portland area, you can find the show airing according to the schedule below. You can also find a complete schedule of programming at

Since then, we filmed another episode, talking about Password Security – Strategies and Resources. We will post that schedule as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, a big “Thanks!” to Producers Daryl Love and Linda MacCoy, Director Richard Hatch, and the group of volunteers that generously give of their time, and talent, to make the programming at Tualatin Valley Community TV possible.

If you happen to catch the show, drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

Tech-Talk Episode 1 - Sched

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