Windows shortcut exploit, the solution

Windows patchSince the public became aware of the latest Windows flaw in the form of an icon/shortcut execution exploit, there has been a lot of chatter as to what is the best way to get protected against it.

Microsoft released a work-around that was dumb (although effective) that blanked out the icons making them ugly white boxes. August 2nd they release an actual patch but with mixed results, all the way from successful to blue screen of dead.

The effectiveness of the patch is only one issue. The actual procedure to install it has gotten mixed results depending on whether you applied the work-around or not. Some say to reverse the work-around before installing the patch, others say reverse it after. Too confusing and unclear as Michael Horowitz describes on his post at we are not ones to give up. We found a better solution. Even though Microsoft doesn’t endorse third party apps this one works. The great folks at created a Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool. Feel free to download and install it. They have made it available free of charge.

If you want a full explanation of the bug and fix, watch the video below, then install the fix. You don’t want your computer hacked, do you?

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