Outlook 2010 will get Linkedin

December 1, 2009

I made a post a few days back regarding the Social Media feature showing up as inactive in my beta copy of Outlook 2010. Originally I thought it may mean connectivity to multiple platforms. It turns out that Linkedin is the idea here. Leena Rao from TechCrunch wrote about it on 11/18 and has this image of what the information would look like.

You can read her post here

Outlook 2010 linkedin

While this is a collapsible panel, it does take some real estate on the screen. It also could potentially add more clutter that gets in the way. For what I can see so far, the panel defaults to expanded; meaning that it takes a good-third of the bottom of the screen. Too early for me to tell. I will let you know once we are able to play with it some more. So far the beta version seems to be quiet stable and performing very well for the normal, everyday tasks.

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